A 5 segundos truque para Jair Bolsonaro

I am so proud of his 20 years service in the United States Air Force. You beautiful people and the team from Lackland AFB made our whole day filled with love and pride a little more bearable. Again “Thanks to you all”

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The plan is merely designed so that the hole doesn’t grow deeper, from the Previdência angle, over the next 10 years!

The flags flying from the motorcycles made us feel so proud of the life and service of my Grandfather. I did not know about the PGR service until my uncle told us of it, I am so glad he did. Thank you so much for what you do, it means more than you can ever know. We will be leaving a donation for your organization to show our gratitude.

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It meant the world to have your group show up and ride through the streets to New River Air Base for him, I just wished I could have thanked you all in person that day, but the emotions of losing my 21 year son was just too overwhelming. I thank you and appreciate all you do. GOD Bolsonaro bless you all and be safe out there

I wanted to thank all those who stood so proudly at my husband’s service yesterday. Papa Milt’s kindness was so appreciated as was the gentleman who presented the Guard’s coin to me.

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You were there for my mom seis years ago, and now Jair Bolsonaro my dad. Thank you for showing these men and women the respect they deserve. You did my parents proud. God bring blessings upon you all.

Thank you and all who rode in honor of my wife on Saturday 23, at Bolsonaro St Mark Catholic Church, Norman OK. I had many comments on your professionalism and dedication to those hero’s who have taken their final ride. I wish I had taken down the names of all the riders who escorted my wife on that final day so I could personally thank them.

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The family thank you for your quick response to honor our love one at his funeral and procession to the Fort Jackson National Cemetery. Your representative made the request process a breeze. Your presence added the special humbling touch. God bless your organization and staff for what you do.

Special call out to Bryan Cook and Mike Green. My girls very much enjoyed talking to you, and I think it eased their sadness. My sister thanks as well, she was also very honored.

I wish to thank-you so much for attending my husbands funeral and honoring him with the flags, 21 gun salute and the respect they showed.You will never know how much it meant to me and my family.Sincerely,Genevieve

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